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Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
I think all of us respect guys who can drive slow or difficult cars fast. On the other hand, most of us don't have much appreciation for the noob who brings a high-powered car to the track and is faster than most but 15 seconds slower than he should be. Because it's his car and not his skill that is producing the lap times. Similarly, traction control makes it less about the skill and more about the car.
Yeah, it appears that a large part of insisting DSC off seems to be driven by "respect from peers." I don't need it. I'll go DSC off when I want to.

Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
Turning DSC off won't make you a professional racer or driver, but you'll never reach that level without learning to drive fast without DSC off.
And, what if I don't reach that level as a weekend hobbyist? So...?

Originally Posted by yyoo View Post
I don't think most of us have deadlines. I think most of us want to be doing this for many years. I don't think anyone here is rushing to reach a particular lap time so that he can finally say, "Wonderful! Now I can quit the hobby." The journey is the reward. And the journey to becoming a good driver is a very rewarding one.
Well, you're obviously more patient than I am. And, have a different goal.

Anyhow, after having driven thru high speed sweeping turns like Buttonwillow's Riverside and turns 2, 8 & 9 at Big Willow at certain exhilirating speeds in MDM, try doing that with DSC off (and no wing) & keep pushing it and see what this "rewarding journey" will get you and the car...

In case I haven't made it clear so far, it's a compromise. At this point in my tracking endeavor and car setup, I'll take MDM and deal with slow/tight turns and take being more aggressive over high speed sections.
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