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Originally Posted by yyoo View Post

Senna is spinning in his grave...and not because he forgot to turn traction control on.

The truth is you'll never earn a race license from a reputable sanctioning body if you don't learn how to drive without traction control. And the only folks who may consider you a great driver are other drivers who always drive with traction control on.

Car control has always been a big part of being a great driver and most would say the very biggest, and it'll be a very sad day if that ever changes.
You guys are all making good points, and like I said, eventually, and who knows maybe it will be next time (although i'll be more concerned next time with setting up my new coilovers) I'll start driving with the DSC off. But I think you're overestimating the part MDM does for you when you're posting good lap times. To show great speed you still need car control, still need to know the line, proper breaking points and list goes on. Everyone knows that turning DSC off will make you somwhat faster, but I dont think it will all that much..
Just saying, you guys are going into extremes by bringing up Senna into this discussion.

I'll report back for sure on how it goes for me