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Originally Posted by ole85 View Post
iv got a m3 supercharged ess 625.
1st of all you're comparing a normal BMW to a M
2nd if you just want a faster car then what you have now it doesn't have to be a M3. a M3 is not just about strait line speed if thats what you want go for something like a vl turbo or a million other shit boxes

Dont waste your time ole. For some reason the uneducated think a car is only measured by straight line speed. Hell my M3 can get eaten by the majority of boosted skylines and 200sx's on the road these days.

The less people driving M3's the better so just tell everyone that the 135 is 1000 times better then the M3 as its slow and shit!. Besides i wouldnt waste your energy on someone who has "First 11 sec 135" in his sig.......

Besides 135 are such a girls car, small and feminine. Id be embarrassed driving one

"First White M3 in my Street"

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