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Ok. I feel compelled to offer my 50 cents on the issue. I am relatevly new to the tracking and I drive with the MDM. I do not think MDM is to blame for bad driving habits. Driver's own skill is to blame for bad driving habits. If you drive with every little widget off, you can still have bad habits that result in crappy lap times, not necessarily in spinouts.

My number one goal when I track is improving my lap times. So far every time I went I improved my time considerably. I am in a pretty much stock car on stock tires and after two events on this particular configuration my best time in Button CW13 is 2:08.10.

I just purchased a set of KW clubsports, and as soon as my new wheels (te37sl) come from Japan, I will be getting all these installed along with some RS3 tires and track alignment. I am yet to see what kind of improvement I am going to have from the setup. I am in a great hope that the improvement wont be marginal after looking at how much I spent. Again, my goal is to shave even more time and hopefully join CW13 2 min club.

If I see that my lap times stuck at a certain number, I will consider turning DSC off and see what happens. And if they are not stuck, I'll still try it off. I am 100 percent certain I will do it at some point, but as long as my lap times are getting better, honestly I am not concerned with this issue. Like some people say, I go out there and have fun

And one last point, MDM will intervene when you drive fast on the track, especially in slow corners, and yes I know it cost some time, but saying "mdm intervenes because you overdrive your car or because you have bad habits" is not correct. If you try to keep MDM from going off, you'll be driving like a grandma around the circuit

Bottomline: laptime is the only standard I believe someone should judge how good they are. If you can lap button CW13 under 2 minutes in an M3 you're a great driver, no matter whether your DSC is on or off.