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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
On your 100% crop, was there an AF point on the building? If not, then I suspect the lens is actually sharper than shown here. At 100% the AF point needs to be on the enhanced subject and you need either a high SS or tripod damped by your body weight.

I DO occasionally use my 70-200mm for scenics, but it really shines for close ups of animals and as a portrait lens.

No, the focus was on the medium sized silo next to the lone pine tree. I know from being out there on other shoots that the silo is closer to my position than the large white building, so that may account for the lack of sharpness. That and a shutter speed of 1/250, which is ok with a lens with IS, but not as good as say 1/500 or better.

I'll probably waffle back and forth between this lens and the 135 F2 a couple of times. They're both fairly inexpensive to rent, so I may take my time and gets lots of practice with both before buying.

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