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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
That is true and QB's throw so much the passing yards stat is mute nowadays.

Hey, I'm a big Stafford fan...he's a Texas least the Lions had a decent D this year....

By the way...did we get Calvin Johnson from y'all today?
Well our front 7 were ok, but the secondary was the worst I've seen since last year's Lions team. And then TB goes ahead and signs Eric Wright for $38M. That really made my day, had me laughing hard for real. Someone in that front office must not have watched any tape from that limp-wristed Nancy. It's like receivers and backs wore special Wright-repellant; I've never seen someone so terrible and afraid of tackling (except maybe Alphonso Smith who also happens to play for us).

Calvin signed the most lucrative contract in NFL history if I'm not mistaken. I think it was to the tune of 7 years $132M, $60M of which is guaranteed. The restructuring of his contract freed up $9M of cap space too. Win-win. Looks like ManCans will be throwing to him for a few more years. Hell yeah.

I'm not a Cowboys hater, not a Romo hater either. I just think he has to kick the habit of choosing the worst possible times to screw up. If he did that, he'd be golden. Dallas has other areas to improve for sure, but Romo has got to do better. IMO of course.