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time is money, buying more pads and just swapping, then throwing them all in the washer at the end of the day and walking away takes way less time...figure each pad to take about 3-5 min to wash, rinse, clean, rinse, dry (no, 10 seconds on the rotary doesnt dry them 100% and if you have a polish that doesnt like water, you will hate life trying to get the polish residue off the panel after use) so you do that 6-10 times throughout a detail, you wasted an hour.

takes 5 seconds to remove, center and place on a new pad and continue working. at the end, putting them all in the washer takes 20 seconds, taking them out and putting them in the dryer another 20, and then out of the dryer another 20....not hard to see that its more beneficial

Of course, that is for me since I am doing a car every single day though, might be different for someone doing just their own cars...

just food for thought