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Originally Posted by jakerx8
Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Thats what you get for siding with the OP
No, i am not siding with the OP. if you look at the thread, i was just making a comment and someone "Kyoshi71" has to make a hostile comment and judgement. He is making comment out of his a$$.
That goddamn kyoshi71. If he wasn't such a genius I would petition the mods to have that prick banned!!!!!!

Edit: Seriously, you're rather new here and claim that anyone who doesn't agree with the style of the OP is "old and has no taste". Could you possibly expect a different result? A lot of us here have known each other for several years and you show up and........the rest is history. Like I say to a lot of youngster noobs, it was nice knowing you while you lasted.
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