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On the one hand, it’s amazingly rapid but also surprisingly civilised for a car wearing an M3 badge. The ride is smooth-going-on-luxury

A good ride would be achievable in a 335i with normal tyres
Not only are the reviews being read very selectively, but people's own quotations too!

What about the "amazingly rapid" bit? Also, I'm struggling to see how we can criticise the M3 for coming with some of the inclusive options that 335i buyers have to pay extra for?

The M3 will beat both its predecessor and the 335i in every single regard: no review so far seen has suggested otherwise. I'm curious as to what people were expecting? The only person who has brought the E46 CSL into the discussion has stated that the E92 M3 compares favourably with it.

Meanwhile, we are yet to see the conclusion of any relevant head-to-head test or any remotely objective performance measurements. But, while we are waiting for those, we should consider that it is actually possible that the characteristics of the new car that people are now bemoaning are also improving its performance...

Bone-breakingly awful ride and and twitchy cornering are not necessarily synonymous with fast laps. Similarly a large part of the fun people are seeking ought to be derived from the "driftability" of the new model and the engine noise among other things.

I think the true picture will become much clearer as more comprehensive reviews and tests are published - meanwhile £50K says I made the right choice waiting last year when my dealer was trying to sell me a 335i!