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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post me evidence
When it goes on sale in August the new M3 will cost £50,625 and come with sat-nav, Bluetooth connection, part-leather cabin and a six-speed manual as standard

All available on the 335i

On the one hand, itís amazingly rapid but also surprisingly civilised for a car wearing an M3 badge. The ride is smooth-going-on-luxury

A good ride would be achievable in a 335i with normal tyres

In the softest setting, this car has an enviable ride quality that is no less accommodating than a regular 3 Series,

Just three quotes which shows that as an everyday proposition, the 335i would be just as good as the M3. But what made the M3 was, if you wanted to throw it down a road, it would up its game and have genius in reserve, not just competence.