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Ultrabooks, which one?

So ive been using the same laptop, a old HP Pavilion dv6000 since before college. Now i think its time for a new one. My birthday is this week (friday) and im beginning to think about a new laptop for my work anyhow so it seems the timing is perfect. Im looking at the I5 with the 256.

So far i REALLY love the dell xps 13 with the carbon and aluminum shell, but i wont be able to check one out in person because its so new.

I checked out the Asus Zenbook and it was really nice, the Samsung was also nice but the specs weren't as good as the dell or the zenbook and the HP didnt look even close to as good as the competition, which after all to me is important as im going to be staring at it and having to carry it around for hours on end.

Im not interested in Macbook air, sorry guys but the os just doesn't excite me and the programs (excel etc) i dont like as much as the PC originals, i like the ability to change things on the PC and its the same reason i like my android phone.

Anyone have any experience with any of these? any helpful info.