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The points where they say the M3 is great are the ones which are 85% relevant to a luxury BMW, not an M-product. me evidence

Because from what I have seen I havnt seen evidence to support basically anybodies claim.

Show me a face off between the RS4 and new M on a track! Or show me a face off between the E46 M and new M on a track! Show me some kind of numbers before everyone starts b#tching about light steering (which has always been a problem) and poor brakes (yet another neverending M3 issue). I bet the E92M is faster around a track than all previous M3's! I also have a feeling the new M3 will be faster around a track than the my mind that would be mission accomplished. Otherwise this all just sounds like the whining that took place when the new softer Pcar GT3 hit the states.

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