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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
hahaha.... well said man. I honestly dont see what everyone is complaining about. Its almost like some people wouldnt be happy unless the new M ended up being better than the GT3 or something...

As silly as a comparrison as this is, people often DO have those type of expecations. They are quite often met. Sans the Evo, The Sti, The 335i, and The 08' Vette. About an embarrassing piece of crap as there ever was, albeit a very fast one, just smoked the Porsche in every portion of the test. Handeling, speed, driveability, etc.
Now I wouldn't buy one of those shit heaps if you had a gun in my mouth. The Vette ultimatly is not the better car in the long run. But that article perked a lot of ears up, and sold a lot of Vettes. A lot of people still chear for the US of A and dreamed of the day the Vette would finally take on the King of Kings. There are a lot of rich guys who would LIKE to buy American if they would simply offer a car to meet the German's. They never have until now.
The point is, those expecations can be met on a cheaper priced car against a higher priced exotic. There is not one reason on earth that BMW couldn't deliver on the expecations of at least what the M3 is supposed to deliver on it's own merit, let alone taking on heavy weight contenders.
BMW could have easily produced an M3 that the test drivers in the recent articels would have had the same reaction as the 335i brought.
Hopefully, when Motor trend and the others get one for a full test, all my rants will get shoved into the toilet and the M3 was just driven on a bad day in these current tests. I hope.