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Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
Nice congrats!!
So there were only 20 of these made for US and Canada? or just US?
Are they numbered in any way on the inside?
Im positive my friend has one (Frozen Black with all the same specs) in Toronto and got it from Town and Country as well but he got it last March. And according to the link you posted it was only announced in June. Im wondering how he has the exact same car but not limited (I think). I feel like BMW just took a handful of these and decided to limited them and advertise them to the US while they were already available in Canada.
I have looked and cant find anything regarding x of 20 made. The Frozen Black paint can be ordered as an individual colour, not sure about the interior red stitching, I have now heard of atleast 5 in Canada, which from previous limited editions (i.e., Euro E36 M3, etc) seam like a few too many in comparison to 20 in the US. Either way, I love it and it certainly is unique, I do get some pretty raised eyebrows at stop lights!