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Originally Posted by The CSL View Post
And are you not all being rabid fanboys by only wanting to believe one guy's positive comments over the majorities negative comments? Get a grip. Everyone wants something different from a car and don't be surprised if some M fans don't want a compromised car that will cost them some serious change to buy.
Thanks for your support mate!

I am still hoping that I am wrong and all the reviews are a conspiracy against BMW M. My M3 order stands and I will take delivery of my M3 very soon! One thing that is great to know is if it truly does turn out to be not as good as expected I will have a long line of buyers waiting in line to buy my M3 from me. I got flamed some months ago asking if it is time to panic, the general opinion was lets wait and see what the journalists say. Now we get reviews saying it is not that great and I get flamed for saying it is time to panic. Why does one get such a negative aggressive reaction when voicing ones opinion? The funny thing is I have owned nearly every M car since 2001 and have to argue with teenagers and wanna-be M drivers on this board. I owe BMW nothing and until they put me on their pay role I will be free to have an opinion.
If I were to agree with you we would both be wrong.