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For the love of ///M3
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Well that's true, but it depends where you live in england and what roads are available to you. I have Dartmoor and its weird camber changes and emptiness less than 10 miles from me and if I personally was buying a £50k M3, I'd be buying it for how it made me feel out there first and foremost. I'd dearly love one without the electrics (I'd have kept a CSL without radio or A/C too) and just get the M3 in its purest possible configuration. I dearly want to love this car, but it shouldn't be surprising to the people on this board that for some, talk of it being disappointing in the fun stakes is enough to put them off a product. It feels tiring on this board at the moment to battle for the opinion that I want a car for its handling first and everything else is second. That's why I bought an E36 320i as my first car and struggle to keep petrol in the thing, when I could have bought a frugal hatchback and pootled around in it.