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Originally Posted by Ron Comp View Post
Firstly I like feed back good and bad. Clearly you post like its ur job 2700+ why dont u spend more time enjoying ur car..u seem like an angry person...yada yada yada..if you hate my car so much why do u pay so much attention to it. Obviously u must drive a stock M3. M3's are an awesome ride period and if u can push them to the limit theres no trivial bullshit like the horns on steering wheel really. U almost amuse me...although u seem so ridiculous I have a hard time respecting ur opinion thats just me.
Mr. Comp. First, this post is 2699. Second, I am not here for your amusement, although you seem to be here for the amusement of many, including myself. As I said in the PM reply, I have the inferior car, yours is way cooler and you clearly have way more money than I do. You win.

However, since you find it necessary to call me out personally, I will say this. My M3 is mostly stock. I have an exhaust system because I think the engine noise of this car is a mechanical symphony. I spend the rest of my "mod" money on sticky tires, brake pads and driver training.

As for my paying attention to your car, you continually post pics of your cars and their mods on a public forum for all to see. My opinion is MY opinion and since this is a public forum on which you posted pics, I can say what I want about your car.

Lastly, I have nothing against you personally. You are probably a very nice guy and I suspect that if you met me you'd think the same thing about me. It seems that you have an insecurity problem. Maybe that's why you feel the need to compensate for something by creating a car that screams, "Ooooh, look at me!"

You DO amuse me Mr. Comp, and couldn't care less about your opinion.

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.