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Originally Posted by markellis2311
Hello all

My names Mark, I'm looking at buying a E92 M3 Coupe from a BMW dealership.

The models I've seen so far that I like are as follows:

57 Plate / Jerez Black with Black Interior / 45k
57 Plate / Silverstone with Black Interior / 37k
08 Plate / Red with Black Interor / 14k

What are the servicing intervals for E92 M3? how do they compare to the old e46 with the Insp I / Insp II style periods.

How long do the brake discs / pads last for before replacing? I don't want to buy one of the cars above and find these need to be replaced 5k into ownership.

What's the best colour? I like Jerez Black as it looks aggressive, Silverstone looks subtle and the red looks sporty. Views?

Thanks all.....
Hi Mark,

Go see the cars and on the idrive system look up the car service status and it'll tell you all you need to know about how long it'll be before pads need replacing and service etc. but be aware the numbers will only reflect the previous owners style of driving so they may be required earlier although it'll show up anything required soonish. If buying AUC then get them to set out anything imminent before agreeing to purchase. Good luck!