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Originally Posted by Abear View Post
They probably did hear the first shot too, but they didnt show them until after Carl shot Shane.

Next episode is gonna be awesome. This episode was pretty good, when Rick was talking to Carl about growing up and not being a kid, I knew for sure Shane was gonna get it, I just thought that it was gonna happen like the comic and Carl was gonna shoot him. Disappointed a little, but it was still good.

Whats funny is in the comic they dont realize people are turning without being bit until later, and being that Shane died in the very beginning in the comic, Carl killed him while they were still at the first camp. Same senario, Rick and Shane were fighting, but Carl snuck out and shot Shane before he could hurt Rick. So in the comic after they figure out the dead come back no matter what, Rick wants to be absolutely sure, so he rides back to the camp site where they buried Shane, and he digs him up and shoots him, the show is the exact oppisite, haha. Rick kills Shane, and Carl kills his zombie.

Now with Shane dead, they are gonna have to bring in some one new...hopefully its some one bad ass!

The show is definitely going to take an interesting turn, I have a feeling a lot of people were watching because of Shane's character. Without him, they are going to have to replace him with someone else as conflicted. Some might argue Daryl, but he seems to have gone super soft and caring in that episode.

I'm also thinking they will run into the other groups camp considering it's only about 5 miles away by the sounds of things, so maybe the group takes refuge there and runs into season 2 of having a group of bad asses. Time will tell.

and we'll all speculate.