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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Wow, the lack luster reviews really are piling up. At least this one was better written, and seemed more sensible (and less full of obvious errors of fact) than the slightly negative Car Magazine review. It sounds like they have kind of "Americanized" the car for lack of a better turn. Brutally fast but also very comfortable, easy to drive perhaps to the point of being numb and not so much fun. Could it be we have all placed this car so high on a pedastal for so long the only way down is a long fall? It is just so hard to believe that the famed M team of engineers, racers, test drivers and car nuts would produce something not truly worthy of the M3's heritage. We will have to wait for the full reviews and some more performance figures, but I guess I too am getting uncomfortably nervous. Ugh....
my worry is how pervasive the influence of the marketing folks are at bmw. 95% of their base market will love a "numb" easy to drive car with straight line power. the term "americanized" seems to fit to a tee.. i hope this has not been the case here..
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