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This is one example of the double-standards I have been talking about. A report today of a "rogue" U.S. troop in Afghanistan who killed at least 16 civilians. He went into homes and killed women and children. See here:

Now, had this been a Muslim he would have been labelled a terrorist, but because it is a U.S. troop we are talking about him suffering from a breakdown; possibly even post-traumatic stress disorder. Make no mistake, his behaviour also amounts to terrorism if you were to look at its literal meaning and not the recent interpretation where terrorist = crazy arab muslim with a bomb.

I know there are people out there that will be so quick to sympathise with him. Maybe he lost a friend, maybe he's suffering from PTSD. Yet if a Muslim did this perhaps as an outcry against Israeli occupation or killings it would never be "justified". It would always be terrorism.