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2002 M3 SMG not going into gear

I have done a search on this and I know there is a lot of info out there on similar problems. However, I have not found the same problem that I am having. Driving along with no problems nothing out of the ordinary and I come up to a stop light. I take off and shift to second and nothing it just will not go into gear. I mean nothing no sounds nothing grinding just gone. I tried reseting the ecu as well as changing the salmon relay. I can hear the pump priming as I open the door. Just curious if anyone has encountered this problem. Thanks for the help in advance.

I should have also added that the shift knob moves freely. It just will not go into gear. It just shows the Zero it won't even flash as if it is trying to go into gear. The service engine light soon came on along with the yellow gear looking idicator with the ! point in the middle I am going ot have a knowledgable tech look at it on Monday and pull the codes but I just want to see if ayone has came across this and if they have an idea on how much money this one will cost me?

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