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Originally Posted by 1198r View Post
Guys, guys, guys....

In good old blighty the mags to really trust are Evo and Top Gear. Steved (who writes for EVO) on this forum said he would choose the new E92 over his CSL and Top Gear have said that they will vote the new M3 car of the year....

I cancelled my order on the Nissan GTR after I saw the M3 in the flesh earlier this year - based on the fact the car looked awesome and my gut feel told me BMW have built an awesome car. I am glad the two mags I trust and read have proved my gut feel right.

Enough said:rocks:
Top Gear is not a reputable motoring magazine, when compared to Autocar or Car. It's the widest circulating monthly car magazine and as such, is written to pander to the lowest common denominator.