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I'm so sick and tired of people complaining about the 'lack of torque' from this new M3. you want torque? buy a corvette. low rpm torque is not what the M3 is about, never has it been, never will it be. it's about sustaining that torque all the way up to a screaming 8400rpm.

do you think F1 cars are lacking in torque? they only make around 280 ft/lbs torque but they make it at almost 18,000rpm effectively putting down almost 800hp...and please spare me the 'i can't believe you're comparing an M3 to an F1 car' discussion.

what people also fail to realize is that the huge range in RPMs available in the new M3 allows BMW M to mate the engine with very aggressive gearing. gearing multiplies torque. i think it was on here that i read that the new M3's gearing enables it to have more torque than a c6 z06 when multiplied out. i haven't actually multiplied this out but i would definitely not be surprised that it would be true. gearing is the very reason that the e60 M5 has been able to beat cars that they seemingly should not beat - gallardo, 360 modena, etc.

with all that being said i have to be honest and say that i'm not impressed with the recent reviews on the e92 m3. but reviews mean little to me without hard numbers. i'm just hoping that the performance numbers that come out for it aren't as disappointing.