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2002 E46 M3 Not Starting!

Hey all. I've got a little problem here. My car decided to just want to crap out on me last week. Here are some details.

Car: 2002 M3 SMG

Mileage: 117000

Problem: No start


- Car would need to be jumped to start at times
- Car would sometimes start on its own without a jump
- Service and smg light would turn off and on
- Would shift out of gear while driving on HWY
- SMG/Fuel pump currently not priming but was going in and out
- Had a leak in the driver front tire which caused car not to start
- Will not go into let me select any gears when car is on or off
- Makes a spark sounding noise after turning key back to the off (0) position

Actions Taken:

- Checked stock battery life (60%) charged it to 100% but depleted to 80 once off the charger. Put the stock battery back and still didnt start.
- Checked a majority of the fuses in the glove box
- Replaced batterty with Braille 15 lb battery
- Replaced Salmon relay under hood fuse box
- Tried different keys
- Open and closed hood, trunk, gas cap, and both doors. Sometimes worked!
- Replaced rims and tires from 19" ZCP to base 18"

I hope to find what the issue is myself before going to the stealership for repair. Any suggestions as to what will help fix the problem would be really appreciated. Ive read numerous threads on this type of problem and have seen it to be the battery or salmon relay. Ive also seen that it could be faulty ignition swith or brake switch. Some say starter but it clicks when I try to start the car. Either way I NEED HELP!!!

Thanks in advance.