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Finally some logic in this thread...... !
Quoting my rant:

Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
all you whiners are making me ill.......

"tube frame, carbon fiber floorpan" -- do you have any idea what this would cost to (mass) produce?

The M3 is what it is. BMW does not make sports cars, they make sports sedans and coupes. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Also, I find the term "badge buyers" offending. (with a 997 GT3, Lotus Elise, S2000, Boxster S, Evo 8 and Radical SR3 all in our collection, I think I speak with some credibility - sorry I had to bring that up)

Whiners and punks, go home or get your own "why we hate the M3" website... which, BTW you haven't even driven.