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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post

I've been reserve in my judgement of the new M3 because I was hoping that even after the press release there was somethng more, an "intangable" that wasn't on paper that made this //M so special. I'm starting to loose faith. I know all the technology that went into making the M and I am personally a tech-junkie, but alot of it doesnt translate well to what I percieve an M3 to be.

Light & Agile. I do not like the concept of a L O N G E R BMW. Plus the car looks cosmetically too fat, without the actual wheels dictating it's shoulders. I think BMW could've made fundemental strides to keep the M3 more Porsche like, so that you feel like your a Pilot and not just a driver. (AKA e30)

They made great strides in using a V8 thats was lighter than the previous inline-6, but at what cost...? 420 horses seems somewhat anemic for this pedigree of an icon, even though this car can rev quickly and has very long legs you still have to drive (rev) it hard to get any work done. The meager sub 300 ft-lb's of torque is what I'm unhappy about.
Agree. And IMO, using the far-from-being released E92 CSL as justification for a "soft" M3 does not hold water.

For first time M3 buyers, going for the M3 and not waiting for the CSL might make sense, and may/will find the car very rewarding. But for those who's had a taste of and owned an E46 M3, they may be get disappointed with the latest iteration and may want to wait for the CSL. Either wait for it, or test drive both M3 and C63 before even plunking down serious $$$. I think in terms of reliability and cost of ownership, car reviews can provide you solid data to go with. But for performance and driving satisfaction, I would trust only my own experience after actually driving the vehicle.