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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
I did ED when I was working in the US (saved over 7K off regular MSRP on a 335xi and had an epic vacation). Just faxed a dealer the copy of my work visa and my lease agreement for the place where I lived. I actually placed the order before I was physically in the US, but had papers to show that I'd be a US resident on the date the car is ready. Also, if you stay there for certain time (two years, but not sure) and own the car for that long, you can bring it back in tax free.
I did ED through a dealer in NJ and just used my CAD passport and CAD license. I actually haven't heard of being able to import a US vehicle into canada tax free even if you've lived there after a few years. Would you happen to have a link to this info? because I didn't see any info on this on the RIV site.