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This is all such crap.........everybody complaining and listening to crap without ever driving the car....

In less than a year members will be posting how unfreaking beleivable the "M" is and wondering why they ever thought otherwise.

How many cars out there have been trounced by the "Big Bad Mag Editors" and yet stealerships had no problem selling them......

Conversely, we've all seen cars that have been loved by the motoring press and yet were considered less than favorable by the public.....

The new "M" will sell very well, 60k or not. Yes, the competition's gotten better but to those who enjoy and appreciate Bimmers the new car won't disappoint- and I would take the new E90 M3 sedan in Black w/Fox Red and Piano Black trim over some overtorqued, overhyped IKEA'd interior C63 anyday....

Just my 2cnts..........