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Originally Posted by aerisolphaln View Post
I really think this will be the M3 that virtually nobody buys because its too over priced AND it doesn't even keep up with the competition.
Pretty bold prediction. Not out of the realm of possibility.

But to me, the reason the new M3 was built the way it was, was to appeal to more people, not less. Did BMW blow it? Maybe so - they are not infallable, and sometimes they misread the market. But I really doubt that is what has happened here. I think the car will be a smash hit. And I don't think it will be any further behind the competition than the E46 was compared to the S4 and C32 at the time. On paper, it looks disadvantaged, but still sweeps the comparison tests.

With that I predict the opposite of what you have. I think this will be the single most successful M3 yet, sales wise.
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