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Originally Posted by nasa60 View Post
A guy told me he purchased the EVP 7yr/70k Platinum Plus warranty from BMW. MSRP cost is $5870. Personally, I wouldn't pay almost $6k for an extra 3 years of warranty. I'll take my chances.
I believe this is the top of the line warranty they offer, which includes maintenance. Doesn't matter whether you or I think that it is worth 6k or whatever it may be for your selected level of service. Obviously the OP wants some extra peace of mind with CPO. I think if he's looking at 09 CPO's with high miles for ~$55k. there are other options.


$50k for a 2010 with 13k miles, put the extra $4-5k you save in a savings account. In 2.5 years when the warranty is about to run out, decide how you want to spend that money you saved/accrued. See beautiful $50k 2010 with 13k miles from a very well respected dealer below:

If I hadn't bought a 1m a few weeks ago, I would have this e90....