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Originally Posted by Design1stCode2nd View Post
Iíve already seen the service history on the car Iím looking at and it looks good, the mileage is higher than Iíd like but not a big deal and Iíd prefer a sedan just because I have kids. Otherwise itís fully loaded and the colors are satisfactory if not a top pick.

I guess Iíll just work with the numbers with them and see what happens, itís not like I need a car as mine is only 3.5 years old.

This is my first luxury purchase and first used purchase so itís going to need to be a CPO. Iíve heard too many stories about extended warranty claims being denied to go that route right now. If this turns out to be a good experience I may investigate other options for my next car.
You can buy an extended warranty through BMW after the fact, just fyi if you didn't know. They offer different levels of coverage. It is a good idea to have it and offers peace of mind. If you buy one that is still under warranty you can wait until the car is about to hit 50k, or end warranty coverage to talk about an extended warranty. I also believe Ryan Amico (forum member) can hook up better deals on these extended warranties.

Obviously you are looking at a solid CPO car and if you like it go for it.