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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
I too feel the same way, I can't come to grips with the fact that so many people make these drastic decisions without having any hands on experience...if you like the C63 thats fine with me but what happens when you get into the AMG & it doesn't live up to what you truely desire who's being fooled then? It may just be its the AMG be the best car you've ever driven, but like I said until you drive the M3 how can you just put it down, it may lose out on paper or someone (mags) review, but what about the way you feel when your behind the wheel...I read reviews & take them into consideration as well as their test drives, but I make my choices for me not for someone else
I pretty much agree with everything here. Especially about making your own choices. Magazines always disagree on the same car. Jeremy Clarkston said the RS4 hammers the M3 but I seen someone on this forum complaining about EVERYTHING in the RS4. So really you should wait and test drive both of the cars. Maybe the C63 will still be your choice, but you should wait to be sure...