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Originally Posted by FairladyZ View Post
OK, this is starting to worry me.

Here's what happened. I test drove my car in Oct 2011, and during that 1-hour trip, I too thought the brakes were quite grabby, which I really liked.

Then I picked up the car, and got rear ended soon after. I was fully stopped, and some moron drunk driver ran his SUV into me. Damage was pretty bad.

I wonder if the fact that I got rear ended has caused my front brakes to become less effective, or damaged in any way, because the front brakes of the car obsorbed much impact during the hit?

A recent service at the dealership indicates that the front pads are still at 80%, and the service technician did not report any issues with front or rear brakes whatsoever.

These days, I have to press the pedal about 0.75" to 1", to get a good stop. Which feels DRASTICALLY different than before the car was hit. And I'm sure most of you don't have to press nearly as hard to stop either.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I have snow tires on now. In the aforementioned test drive, I had stock Continental summer rubber. If that makes a difference?

What should I do?
Did you complain that it wasn't working right when you took it in? It sounds like the brakes need bleeding.