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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
My M3 is not DCT and I haven't driven an M3 with DCT. The closest thing I've driven is the Porsche PDK. The twin clutch shifts much faster and it feels seamless.

The LFA feels more like a manual in the way it shifts and it shifts hard if you are driving fast. You'll feel the kick and jerk as each gear engages just as a manual does when you are shifting fast. Still way faster than anyone can shift a manual but not seamless like a twin clutch.
Cool! Man, I need to drive an LFA to see and feel what you mean.

Btw, are there any more Lexus performance drive event in the Bay Area? I am from the Bay area (Norcal) and I wanted to try one out as well. Anyways, it will be hard for me to get a chance driving the LFA since I only did a couple of auto-x's under my belt. I need more experience to be the fastest on the lot. LOL!

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