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yeah it was perfect, i almost did it at 53, but i wanted wanted Blk white or Blue, SG was my 4th choice, another thing i wanted was the CF roof, that was almost a must for me so in the end i decided to pass up on it, because i knew i would have a problem with it down the line and didnt want any regrets, great buy thou, GL with it

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Yes, eimports4less in Perkasie, PA. Wasn't it flawless, just like a new car? They had it up for sale for like 55 or 56, and no one wanted it, they eventually dropped the price to 51,900, I couldn't even haggle an extra dollar off. I couldn't even find that price at dealer auctions, I went to several of them. Maybe people didn't like the color shceme, I was fine with it, although I would have preferred a white one, but those always go for 5K more and are harder to find. I was ready to fly to Chicago and Miami to look at M3's and then I luckily came across the one I bought locally. Score.