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Originally Posted by alpina527 View Post
Technic: Whilst on the subject of the LC2i.

I have a pair of 4 ohm, SWS8s under the seat with premium system. The subs go through your harness, LC2i and JL XD400/4.

Since fitting the subs I have lost some midrange. What are your thoughts on configuring the system to run one SWS8 and one standard midrange sub?

Apart from the stereo issues is this do able?

I was thinking of running the standard sub through the premium amp with the SWS8 going through one side of the 400/4. Or would it be ok to run both subs through the 400/4 ?
You can do one mid and one SWS-8, the question is why?

The main issue that I could see is the imbalance of sound coming from under the seats -you will have two different types of woofers (a sub and a mid) in a car with only two woofers powered by a stereo signal with only one crossover adjustment. On top of that, the OEM woofers are 7ohms, the SWS-8 are 2- or 4ohms, right there you will have one woofer sounding louder than the other. Something tells me that you will not like it in the long run.

Try this: put both OEM woofers back (powered by that XD400/4) and tell us what you think. The OEM woofers are supposed to be good down to 30Hz according to BMW, and the extra power should wake them up quite a bit.