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Some questions for an aspiring M3 owner. I'm a MOD slut as they say, so I'm doing all my research on the MODs right now before I pull the trigger on the purchase.

1. Does the Akra EVO automatically produce a Check Engine Light (CEL) once installed? (that's the assumption I've picked up from reading the forums on Akra EVO's, hence the "Delete-R" references)
2. I assume the ESS Tune also provides a way to erase the CEL,... but what happens when you have a legitimate problem and the car needs to warn you with a CEL? Does it never show a CEL since you've erased it?
3. Just out of curiosity. You mentioned that the tune was easy to install, with just a cord... where in the car did you plug in the ESS Tune (location)?
4. If you had to bring the car back to BMW for any reason (general maintenance, recall, etc.) and you re-flash your ECU back to stock w/ the ESS Tune, is there "any" way that BMW could find out that the ECU had been remapped or modified at any point? I guess what I'm getting at is the concern for the warranty... [I figure I ask this since you work for BMW ]

Otherwise, beautiful M and I hope to actually have the same setup when I finally get mine. The Akra EVO has been something I've been eyeballing for a while!