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To be honest

all it takes is consistency with pushing yourself. Anytime you feel like a weight is getting easier to lift, start upping the weight. (if you're going for muscle).

Always Always ALWAYS work until failure. i.e. don't do baby weight cuz its easy. Try higher weights, even if you can only do a few.

I personally do 12 reps of a warm up weight, 10 reps of a slightly difficult weight, and 8 reps of a difficult weight for any excercise I'm doing. As each weight gets easier, I up the weight using the same reps.

You don't HAVE to eat ridiculously, but like I said consistently challenge yourself. Without any expectation of quick results, it really shouldn't take more than 1 year of consistent training to get significantly larger. I personally believe in building muscle naturally, not using supplements or protein shakes, but instead using appropriate dietary change. Ex: more protein than usual, lots of fruits and vegetables, and careful on carb intake. Yeah you want the energy, but don't overdo it (or underdo it). Diversify your diet, don't just eat the same thing every day. If you do opt for protein shakes, don't replace a meal with them. Over a matter of time you can have kidney failure by not getting the nutrients you're removing in meals by only having protein shakes.

I consider being able to lift an additional 5-10 lbs per month on said excercises is very good progress, but maybe that's just me.

^Not professional advice, just what I learned from football in High School. I'm 6'0" 198 lbs.