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Originally Posted by krnboy817 View Post
this is why it was compared to your h3. and plus it was a comparison also to show both side of spectrum and not just gas sipper to gas sipper.

anyhow no one is here to change your mind but here to merely express what they think about the subject.

from they way it sounds, you're convinced on liking the volt... and im sure you'll like the volt when you purchase one.
Not to get picky with your math, but you account for the $3.00 electric fill for the Volt's battery but you don't factor in that the Volt travels 70 miles for that $3.00; so it changes your calculations. In any case, the volt would save me $2,500 a year in fuel costs at $3.89 per gallon (super where I live). Move the price per gallon to 5 or 6 dollars, then that is serious money. But right now, with my E90 paid off it makes no sense for me to buy a Volt unless I decide I want to preserve my E90. At the rate I accumulate miles on it, I will be at 250,000 miles in August 2014. 250,000 miles is my target mileage for replacment of the E90.