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Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
Hey guys, just seeing how many Canuck M owners livin' in the US. I'm from Vancouver, now living in NJ and working in NYC. Been here 2 years, was living in NYC but moved to NJ for more space and of course...owning a car again! Despite getting raped on healthcare and other things, car prices are much better here, I picked up a used 08 e90 M back in November and have been enjoying it ever since.

Did a roadtrip up to Niagara and TO back in hit by a snowstorm on the way up but was clear on the way back.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to my peoples.
Basically split my week between Upstate NY and Hamilton here. Have lived for various periods of time in NY, CA, PA and NJ before.

Agreed Canadians get raped with M car prices here. I've heard of folks in Canada saying they did European Delivery and it didn't affect the price of the car. In the US, if you do ED it should knock off ~$5000 not to mention most Americans are starting from a much lower price to begin with!