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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
Not sure why you've brought my H3T into the discussion as part of your mathematical comparison. My consideration of the Volt has nothing to do with my onership of the H3T, which averages 15.8 MPG by the way, not 9. The Volt will replace my E90 (at 27 MPG average) as my 160 mile per day daily driver. The H3T is used for running the fire roads in West Virginia and western Virginia (and getting out of our property when the river floods). So my quick calculations show a savings in fuel of $2,500 per year for my commute as compared to my E90. So when I'll have time I'll go do the math for comparing a Volt vs. new F30 328i (which is what I'd replace my E90 with). The Volt will be less expensive (purchase price) than the F30 and get 92 MPGe vs. the 328i at maybe 30 MPG.
But my reasoning for considering a volt is purely on gas savings for my daily 160 mile commute. I'm not a greenie by any consideration (look at some of my posts regarding the carbon fiber 7-series thread); and I also own a Hummer H3T. I spend X dollars a month on fuel. The Volt would almost give me half my trip back using no gasoline and only an estimated $3.00 to travel 70 miles of it, with 90 miles commuting at approximately 37 MPG,
this is why it was compared to your h3. and plus it was a comparison also to show both side of spectrum and not just gas sipper to gas sipper.

anyhow no one is here to change your mind but here to merely express what they think about the subject.

from they way it sounds, you're convinced on liking the volt... and im sure you'll like the volt when you purchase one.

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