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Originally Posted by flyinb501 View Post
Speak with your wallet then and buy one. Come back and post pics when you do. I doubt you will. I don't see many people with common sense wasting $40k on this car to "save money on gas" . Why not just save yourself $20k right off the bat and buy a new Civic, Golf, Cruze, Focus, etc?
I've not yet worked all the numbers. Been doing taxes as a first priority. But if I were in need of replacing the E90 right now (say I total it hitting a deer - a real possibility where I live), the Volt is a top contender at the moment. It compares in purchase price to an F30 328i (less actually with tax incentives) and will get better fuel mileage than the F30.

And I've actually thought of a Focus too (did a thread on it a few months ago). The new Fusion hybrid is also a consideration.