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Look at this from yesterday. Netanyahu is warning us that time is running out to stop Iran. "A nuclear armed Iran must be stopped." I don't whether to laugh or cry at this statement. This is much worse than the Iraq situtation. With Iraq they said they had proof of WMD and went to these lengths:

Now with Iran they admit they don't even have "proof" of weapons or even proof they are developing weapons! Why can't people see the same tricks being used again? We talk about conspiracy theories. The real conspiracy theories are the ones our governments feed us everyday. This pisses me off so much. We hear people talking about the threat from Iran everyday. What threat? Iran has NO plans to bomb Israel.

I'll tell you something funny too. I bet if Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on Iran and Iran retaliated it would be Iran everyone would condemn.
With Iraq Israel provided the UN with falsified documents about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction all of which turned out to be false. You must ask yourself though that one must really wonder when Israel says that they worry about peace in the middle-east due to Iran when for all these years they have not been able to strike a peace deal with Palestine

What Obama should be talking to Netanyahu about is illegally occupied territories in Palestine and the peace process between the Palestinians and Israel but instead he wants to please the people over at AIPAC so he can win his re-election.

Would be nice if the Palestinian leader was given the same opportunity to be able to walk up in US Congress/White House and address the Americans in the same way Netanyahu does. He addresses the Americans via the American media as if he was the President of the United States. How often do you see a foreign leader in the White House or Congress addressing Americans via American Media in this same way??

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