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Originally Posted by SlammedM6 View Post
Ok, I had the center console remove - (front and back)

I took the 2 pieces plus the 2 ash trays or coin holders or whatever you want to call them to my upholstery guy who will be wrapping it. We have an issue...In order to wrap the door that open and close on the ashtray covers, he has to take the door off. Can anyone confirm whether it will come of or not ? BMW told me there is no way to remove the door because it is basically on a hinge that opens n closes.

I need to run wires from the trunk to the arm rest box, I guess the best way is to go through the rear center console, please let me know how to remove the remove the rear center console. 1st step, 2nd step.....It's better to have some pictures, the first step is important, where should I start?
many thanks