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Your approach to purchasing?

Looking to purchase my first M3; super stoked to be joining the club in the near future. Been a BMW fan for as long as I can remember: pop's has driven a few, uncle's all have Beems, family thing I suppose. In addition, I've been browsing Bimmerpost for a couple of years now (lurking and reading/learning, mostly) and while I've found an answer to a majority of questions I've had/can have, I still have a few to ask.

Suppose I'll start with any advice anyone can offer up when it comes to the whole searching process. First, are there any threads that I should be aware of that I just haven't found or read past. Other than that, any other sites out there besides (and private sellers here) that I should be browsing?

Essentially, looking for a coupe, anything from 2007-2009 (maybe 2010), DCT. New or used (more than likely will end up landing a certified used I'm thinking) - the lower the miles, the better (obviously; nothing more than 15-20k - if the price is right for more miles, exceptions will be made). How easy is it to locate a new (or near-new) '07, '08, or '09 model?

Looking forward to any and all insight on the beginning steps of the whole purchasing process. Thanks in advance.

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