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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Wow, if you can afford a 997 GT, then the M3 has little business on your shopping list.

M3 GTR all the way man. I wish I could afford $120k cars
I had tried to find an allocation for an 08 GT3 but it is almost impossible. Perhaps you're right about going Porsche but I always wanted the M3 to be a V8 and now it has finally arrived. If it was only 3200lb like my old E36 this choice would have been a no brainer. With the current weight why even bother with the carbon roof? No matter how hi-tech this car is, you cannot fight against physics. BMW need to diet and need to buid the M3 with the 1 series chassis. The current E92 chassis is considered a midsize car back in 1990's standrad. The 3 series was suppose to be compact. Now almost as large as the 5 series.

I'm still waiting for a positive article about the car rather than talk about CSL. This is telling me that the car needs to be more hardcore rather than AMG like.