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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I already have a new one. The third one is on the way but I wasn't planning on opening it. You said GTO was automatically disabled when a remote wire is used. Do I need to change the jumper anyway?
Because suddenly two units are acting up the same, I would like to disable all that it can be disabled to see if it make any difference. This is the very first LC2i negative issue that I have experienced in the 18 months or so of selling them with the harness.

I can go to Mike's house, so that's not an issue.

What do you recommend for a dsp? I would use JL HD amps for the 8-channels.
Either a MS-8 (factory warranty is a must) or a bit one.1 would work nicely with external amps with your EPS. The customer with the HD amps in the HiFi coding link ended up getting a MS-8 to tie all the amps together and have better control and tuning of all the 18 speakers (16 EPS and the 2 13" subs).

Again, try the new LC2i and see what happens first, IMO.