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Originally Posted by Redcapote View Post
Two comments...

1) The Prius is God's proof that stupid people exist abundantly. It has become the symbol of the idiotically conservation minded. You could make a very valid argument as to why a Jetta TDI is cheaper and better for the environment all things considered, but they don't care. They're in the club now. Not that there aren't a few genuine ones in there who aren't smart, but then you have celebrities who buy the Prius. Come on, as if they don't have 5 acres worth of landscaping around their mansion that requires a swimming pool's worth of water to keep alive every week and 6 Mexican gardeners in an old Ford pickup that coughs up oil-filled smoke like a chimney to come over and maintain it. And those Mexicans have to drive on the highway, next to you, from at least 20 miles away. Your carbon footprint just kicked you in the ass for being short-sighted.

2) The Volt is $40,000 before you touch a single option or you add tax, tag, title, anything. In other words, you could buy an ugly Prius for yourself AND an ugly Yaris for your ugly kid, and still point and laugh at a Volt owner. Or if you want to make the Mexican gardeners happy, two Jettas.

EDITED to add: This wasn't directed at you, ENINTY, more so a rant at hybrid drivers.


Why would you spend $40k on a Volt when you can get a comparable Chevy Cruze at nearly half the price. You will never realize a gas savings on the Volt enough to offset the high price.

If a car needs a $7k tax credit (subsidy) from the government (and still doesn't sell) I would say that is proof the technology is not there yet to make a car like this viable.