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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Unfortunately for me, the AccuBASS threshold was already at full clockwise and the AccuBASS gain was already at full counterclockwise.

What about my mention of the signals coming from the OEM in the first place? If the signals being sent to the OEM subs are already being filtered by the iDrive either via the Bass setting or the EQ, do we need to compensate somehow when adjusting the settings on the amp for the aftermarket sub?

Is there a higher end unit than the LC2i even if it's made by another company?

On the LC2i, I am currently using the Main Output for the RCAs since the sound increased when I swapped between using the Bass Output and the Main Output. Is this what you suggest?
Go back to the bass output and try it. In the meantime I will contact my supplier and find out if your unit can be replaced under warranty.

The OEM amp output signals are being split between the underseat woofers and the LC2i. Therefore any iDrive bass adjustment will affect both paths.

That's the way it works regardless of the LOC used in any sub install just because of the signal split.